Shot Manager for Nuke

What is the Shot manager?
This is project manager toolkit for nuke.

You can set your own folder directory.  And this is project list in the combobox. From the your directories. This is sub-folders from selected projects. For example: Its may Reels or different folders.

With this script, your projects can be edited very quickly and scenes can be accessed very quickly. It also includes amazing features. It can and does the database. Google may integrate with the page. 

The project manager have two version of the management:
1. Using without connecting to the spreadsheet.
2. Using with connecting Google Sheets!

If you want to use with google spreadsheet interactively than you must connected my manager to gSpreadSheet. You can learn from following links how its.
Else you need to just embed script in to nuke path and enjoy!

How can I connect Google Spreed Sheet to Project Manager? (Video)
How can I use Directly Project Manager? (Video)

Google Spread Sheet Connect Tutorials Document

Use Google Spreadsheets as your database using Python (Sahil Rajput)